Build Unified & Reliable Retail Business

Build a reliable business with integrated, seamless and efficient processes for the entire retail operations.

Efficiently Organise &
Control Inventory

Organise Inventory, Create Barcodes & Print Labels

Organise items into multi-level item groups and SKUs. Define barcodes for your items with B1Bazaar's built-in barcode creation system. Also print custom-sized barcode labels with built-in barcode label printing capability.

Control Inventory Movements at Stores & Warehouses

Manage item placements at stores with store's display bins stockroom bins. Organise inventory at warehouses with comprehensive zone-bin management. And manage item movements with store's & warehouse's put away & pick orders.

Track Inventory Levels & Monitor Item Shrinkage

Track inventory levels, analyse inventory movement and know inventory aging with inventory analytics and MIS. Count physical inventory and monitor the reasons for item shrinkage with inventory counting & item shrinkage reports.

Manage Replenishments & Maintain Optimal Stock

Get Replenishment Recommendations

Automatically get purchase and transfer recommendations for stores and warehouses based on items nearing minimum stock levels. B1Bazaar also enables stores to make stock requests to the head office for items having high demand or nearing stock-out.

Manage Replenishments through Transfers & Procurements

Manage replenishments with transfer order management and manage central procurements with comprehensive purchase management system in B1Bazaar. Also manage local store purchases with the in-built store purchasing module in B1Bazaar.

Manage Store &
Central Procurements

Identify Right Vendors & Monitor their Performance

Compare quotes and purchase terms of vendors using B1Bazaar. And evaluate fulfilment rates, quality of items and delivery times to monitor vendor performance.

Manage Central Purchase Operations

Automate the central procure-to-pay process in B1Bazaar. Manage purchase orders, invoices, goods receipts, incoming quality check and vendor payments.

Manage Local Purchases at Stores

Manage local purchase processes at stores with built-in purchase module in POS & Stores. Generate purchase orders, invoices and payments to local vendors.

Integrated Manufacturing & Distribution

Manage Direct-To-Customer Operations

Some retail businesses such as furniture manufacturing, make-to-order kitchens, fashion boutiques, make-to- measure fashion stores require a comprehensive production or distribution system in the backend along with their retail operations. B1Bazaar's & SAP Business One’s combined capabilities, provide one integrated system to manage these operations.

Pre-Configured Industry Use-Cases

B1Bazaar has pre-configured templates for many production and distribution industries, along with retail, such as fashion boutiques, furniture, packaged food, frozen foods, make- to-order kitchens, and specialised electrical & electronics.

Integrate Retail & Overall
Finance Operations

Manage Retail Finance Operations at Stores

B1Bazaar's accounting module for POS and Stores manages the day-end closing at stores through the day-end process. It also provides detailed MIS and reports for the day-end closing. It also records and accounts the store's expenses and other cash transactions.

Manage Central Finance Operations

B1Bazaar manages the entire finance and accounting operations of the retail enterprise. Using B1Bazaar, maintain the chart of accounts, manage general ledger operations, accounts receivables process, accounts payables process, fixed assets management and banking activities.

Multi-Country Statutory Compliance with 50+ Country Localisations

B1Bazaar and SAP Business One combined also ensures multi-country statutory and tax compliance with over 50 country localisations.


B1Bazaar, built on top of SAP Business One, is a complete ERP software package for retail enterprises to manage Point of Sale, Inventory, Orders, Customers, and other essential and peripheral retail processes.

It is optimized for all kinds of retail businesses. Whether you run a grocery store, fashion boutique, high-value electronics, chains of stores or supermarkets, B1Bazaar can handle it all.

Deep Integration between Business Operations

B1Bazaar's deep integrations between retail and other modules of SAP Business One result in seamless processes and integrated analytics. With other retail solutions, integrations are typically limited with ERP solutions and they have to be built.

One Solution for Your Retail Business

B1Bazaar is a complete vertical solution for the entire retail business with capabilities across CRM & CX, Sales, Supply Chain & Distribution, Finance & Manufacturing. Other retail solutions offer only retail-specific capabilities and do not offer a unified solution.

The Power of SAP

B1Bazaar leverages and embeds all the benefits of SAP Business One such as Modern UI, Data Security, In-memory computing, intelligent technologies and best business practices. With other retail solutions, they may or may not be available.

Bundled with
Built-In Capabilities

B1Bazaar also comes bundled with built-in solutions like messaging engine, barcode label generation & printing engine and offline integration engine. With other retail solutions, these investments could be additional.

Future Proof
& Future Ready

B1Bazaar not only addresses today's business and technology needs. It is also ready for emerging functional and technologies such as Omni-channel business, mega-store integrations, AI/ML, advanced analytics, intelligent automation and cloud computing.

Loyalty Programs
& Point Systems

Appreciating customers for their loyalty to your brand is important in today’s era. Loyalty programs help you show this appreciation to them. Through B1Bazaar, you can create and maintain various loyalty points systems